Lithium-Ion Battery

Get a $.50 Credit for Every Recycled Battery!

As mobile power innovators and manufacturers, it is our responsibility to support our customers in their battery recycling process. 

As a result, GTS is now providing a Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Program with a financial incentive for all participants!

GTS customers will now receive a 50¢ credit for each GTS or OEM Lithium-Ion battery they send for recycling.


A small but powerful source of energy, Lithium-Ion batteries fuel mobile operations in nearly every industry and play an integral role in keeping modern organizations efficient and their consumers satisfied.

This remarkable material consists primarily of chemicals and metals which, as if by magic, enable the battery to hold a charge yet remain lightweight. These chemicals and metals, however, are not as good for the environment as they are for mobility.

Improperly disposing of Lithium-Ion batteries as trash can lead to water pollution, soil contamination, and other negative environmental/health outcomes. In addition, there are growing concerns about wasting the lithium, cobalt and other materials used in these batteries.

Government initiatives, shipping regulations, and the like have been put in place to help encourage the proper recycling of batteries—but we need your help, too.

In a world where so many organizations rely on Lithium-Ion batteries to effectively maintain their mobile operations, a practical recycling plan is essential for our environment.


Who’s eligible? 

  • All current and new GTS customers.

What’s the recycling process?

  • GTS will provide customers involved in the program with free battery recycling boxes at each enrolled facility.
  • Once the battery recycling box is filled, simply call the toll-free phone number on the box and it will be picked-up and properly disposed of by a GTS-certified recycling firm.
  • Once a recycling box has been provided to the recycling firm another recycling box will be provided to continue this free service.
  • GTS will send a rebate to you which can be used with future GTS battery purchases—one recycling credit per new battery purchased.

How do I get my recycling rebate?

Why Recycle Mobile Batteries?

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Help your organization meet its green initiative goals and make the world a better place by recycling the batteries that power your mobile operations.

To get started in GTS’ Free Recycling Program or for more information please email